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Today in Germany a Syrian man is on trial for the suspected murder of a German man in an attack last year.

The trial of Abudllah A.H.H began today in the eastern city of Dresden. The suspect’s full name remains unknown because of German privacy laws.

Police arrested the suspect three weeks after he attacked two men on October 4 2020. According to ABC News, the 21-year-old suspect attacked two men, aged 53 and 55, with a kitchen knife. Prosecutors allegedly believe the defendant was motivated by Islamist extremist ideology. According to the defendant, he believed the two men were a gay couple, which he considered a “grave sin”.

According to The Star, police released the defendant from prison one month prior to the attack. He served a sentence for promoting the extremist Islamic State group as well as attacking a prison guard.

Abdullah A.H.H faces charges of murder, attempted murder, and causing serious bodily harm.

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