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National Parks are a fun, wholesome, healthy part of American life, even drawing in millions of international visitors every year. People hike, fish, and camp – it is rather family-friendly. However, people often ignore the dark side of these places. Each year, hundreds of people disappear mysteriously in often bizarre and illogical ways. In 2017, a report stated that 312 people die in National Parks every year. Only a few of these people are ever seen again.

Alfred Beilhartz

In 1938, the four-year-old vacationed with his family in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colarado. During a hike near the river with his parents, the small boy disappeared despite being merely a few feet in front of them. Police conducted a 6-mile radius search of the area, but found nothing. However, dogs traced his scent 500 feet uphill from where he vanished. But, there were no footprints. Whilst tracing the scent, the dogs appeared nervous and confused. Both refused to go any further on the trail.

Six miles away from where Alfred vanished, some hikers claimed to see a young boy in the Devil’s Nest – a dangerous and difficult to reach rock. The hikers saw the boy minutes after Alfred disappeared. The boy – dazed and upset – jerked backwards, as if pulled by an unknown force. Survival specialists searched for Alfred and the other young boy, but found neither.

David Gonzalez

Whilst camping with his family in San Bernadino National Forest, the nine-year-old went missing. He went to his mother’s car to get cookies, but did not return after 40 minutes. His mother found the cookies still in the car, but David was nowhere to be seen. Police found his decomposed body a week later, a mile away from where he disappeared. However, officials searched the area days prior, meaning his body only recently appeared there. An autopsy revealed no trauma or injury, David was dead with no reason behind it.

Bizarrely, police were hostile and vague whilst investigating the case. Officials said David was dragged off by a mountain lion, despite his body showing no injuries. Nobody heard him scream either. According to David’s parents, their son was kidnapped and may still be alive. They believe the body was not his and the authorities are hiding something.

Amy Wroe Bechtel

On July 24 1997, Amy went on a run down the Popo Agie River, Wyoming, to train for the 2000 Olympic Marathon. Her neighbours saw her car earlier in the morning. After Amy did not return, the couple drove to her car and noticed her sunglasses, keys and to-do list were in the car. However, her wallet was missing. It rained lots that day, so there were no footprints or tire tracks. Amy’s husband, Steve, initiated a search over a 30-mile radius. But she was never found.

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