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A hero trucker saves the day by blocking the road and ending the high-speed police chase of a suspected murderer.

After getting word of the police chase whilst driving in the Pomona area on April 6, Ahmed Shabaan decided to help police by blocking the road. The tractor-trailer driver stopped the car with his rig after hearing the man was a suspected murder. A report on Fox News states that Shabaan’s main thought was “to get him off the street”.

According to Shabaan, he witnessed the police chase the car for five blocks. The trucker then phoned his friend to tell him of the high-speed chase, who then informed him “that guy is a murderer”.  The pursuit lasted two hours between San Diego and Los Angeles until the suspect’s vehicle collided into Shabaan’s truck. Police then arrested the suspect; neither of those involved in the crash were harmed.

The police chase started after the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department tried to confront the suspect earlier that evening. However, the suspect allegedly atack one deputy before climbing into his pick-up and driving away. According to the passenger in the suspect’s vehicle, she did not know he was a murder suspect.

However, the police department did not provide any further information regarding the suspect’s case.


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