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The world of true crime podcasts is a vast one— you have your classic comedic shows such as My Favorite Murder, your informative but snarky shows like L.A. Not So Confidential, and your very serious long-form narrative series’ such as Serial or S-Town. New podcasts climb onto the trending charts every day and it can be hard to keep track of the new shows that you want to try out. However, MurderMurder News has you covered: if you’re into subtle comedy, thoroughly researched investigative endeavors, and captivating story-telling, then these eight podcasts are the best true crime shows for you to binge right now.

Dead and Gone

dead and gone best podcast binge

When investigating a slew of murders and mysterious disappearances that occurred over the last three decades, cyber sleuth Todd Matthews discovered an eerie commonality amongst them— the Grateful Dead. Following Matthews’ line of research, popular podcasters Payne Lindsey (Up and Vanished) and Jake Brennan (Disgraceland) fell down a rabbit hole of unexpected investigative pursuits and near-death experiences that turned into a brilliant podcast about the beauty of Deadhead culture and the dangers of keeping secrets.

Missing in Alaska

Missing in Alaska best podcast binge

In October 1972, two U.S. congressmen disappeared after their plane crashed somewhere in Alaska. Then, in 1995, a mobster tipped off the F.B.I. that the plane had actually been bombed. Nevertheless, the mystery of why the plane went down and where the congressmen went remains unsolved nearly five decades later. Will Missing in Alaska uncover any answers? You’ll have to listen to find out.

The Apology line best podcast binge
Marissa Bridge’s husband created an anonymous confessional hotline that ran for fifteen years in Manhattan. Known as “Mr. Apology,” Bridge’s husband found himself inundated with admissions of massive proportions— including murder— and yearning to make things right for everyone that might have been hurt by his anonymous callers. Told through the lens of the one person who knew Mr. Apology best, Bridge explores the ways in which her husband navigated his unexpected burden and how it drove him to reconsider everything he had ever known about the world.
paper ghosts best podcast binge
In the summer of 1973, Janice Pocket rode her bike down an old dirt road in search of a dead butterfly that she had hidden. Then, she was never seen again. Soon after, three other girls went missing within a few miles of Pocket’s New England town. In Paper Ghosts, investigative journalist and true crime author M. William Phelps dives into the 50-year-long search for a potential serial kidnapper and/or murderer and discovers new information that sets the investigation back into motion.
black hands best podcasts binge
In June of 1994, a seemingly ordinary New Zealand family was gunned down in their home. There were two suspects: one was dead from a single bullet to the head and the other was the only survivor, David Bain. Ever since then, New Zealand has found itself torn between believing that David was responsible or believing that his father, Robin, was the real murderer. In this podcast, Martin van Beynen examines the controversial case from start to finish and interviews never-before-spoken-to-witnesses in order to track down the answer to the ever-looming question: who really killed the Bain family?
the night driver best podcasts binge
Janine Vaughan stepped into a red car on a rainy night 19 years ago— and vanished without a trace. Ever since then, Janine’s sister Kylie has devoted her life to searching for her. In an effort to uncover the truth behind Vaughan’s mysterious disappearance, Hedley Thomas delves into the depths of Vaughan’s small Australian town and reveals shocking secrets that have been left uncovered for nearly two decades. You know the drill— if you want to know what might have happened to Janine Vaughan, I recommend you give The Night Driver a listen.
chameleon best podcasts binge
Over the last six years, a certain group of Hollywood workers (e.g., physical trainers, make-up artists, day players, etc.) were targeted by an extremely skilled scammer who convinced them that they had a role in a major film or TV show. This offer always came from a powerful woman who was either a famous producer or a well-known studio executive, but the movie always failed to exist. If the job seemed too good to be true, why did people continue to fall for her scam? And who was this “conwoman” anyway? Tune in to just one episode and I promise you’ll find that the truth really is stranger than fiction.
Mob Queens best podcasts binge
Anna Genovese was an enigma— she was married to notorious mob boss Vito Genovese (whom she famously ratted out in court for all of his crimes later on in life) and she was a New York drag club maven. In this podcast, Jessica Bendinger (writer, Bring It On) and Michael Seligman (writer, RuPaul’s Drag Race) team up to piece together Anna’s story of how she became a powerful mob wife and a historical icon in the New York City drag community. By examining court documents, interviewing mob informants and former drag queens, the duo ultimately discover just as much about their elusive heroine as they do about themselves.

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