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Police arrested a man for stalking his former female colleague for over a month. The suspect shot her husband and attempted to kidnap her from her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On April 2, the unnamed victim headed to work with her husband escorting her to her vehicle, but the couple saw the suspect sitting in his truck nearby. The suspect, Justin Arthur-Ray Davis, got out of his truck with a shotgun and chased the couple back into their apartment. Reports on ABC News state that Davis shot through the door, hitting the husband’s hand. Davis entered the apartment, grabbed the victim and dragged her down the stairs. According to police reports, the neighbours heard the sounds of the incident and witnessed Davis “choke and punch the victim”. The neighbours called 911.

Whilst waiting for emergency services, the victim’s husband tried to save her downstairs but Davis threatened him with a shotgun. The suspect reportedly fired two shots into the air and took the victim to his vehicle. Davis drove off as authorities arrived, leading to a police chase on I-44. However, police arrested Davis after he crashed his car. Emergency services transported the suspect to a local hospital for a laceration to his head.

According to Tulsa Police Department, Davis stalked his victim for over a month; she left reports of “Davis sitting outside her apartment and leaving candy and food on her doorstep”. A month prior to the attack, the suspect resigned from their shared workplaces for unknown reasons.

Police have not yet disclosed what charges Davis faces.

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