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Over the weekend a mother and daughter had their final moments together, as their SUV fell 100 feet off a cliff in Northern California. Close to a dozen onlookers were witness to this unfortunate event.


According to California Highway Patrol spokesperson David DeRutte the cause of the crash still remains unclear. The mother and daughter were seen at the edge of a scenic costal overlook around 11:00 am this past Saturday.


The mother, Maria Teixeria, 64 was at the wheel while her daughter Elizabeth Correia, 41 was the passenger. DeRutte states that the Toyota SUC was seen entering a large gravel lot with no vacant spaces. He went onto add that the vehicle, “was driving at a normal speed. It was driving toward the cliff and didn’t stop. There was no acceleration and no braking.”


The mother daughter duo hailed from Pleasanton, California. They both held jobs at a local elementary school. Correria was a first-grade teacher while Teixeira was the lead custodian.


Meanwhile authorities are trying to generate a timeline and cause for the accident. A vehicle inspection and an autopsy will soon be conducted.

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