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Police say the killing of Ke Chieh Meng was random and not a hate crime “even though it occurred during a period of increased violence and racism toward Asian Americans” says Officer Ryan Railsback of the Riverside Police. However, the crime is still under investigation.

Authorities in Riverside, CA., arrested Darlene Stephanie Montoya for the stabbing death of a 64-year-old Asian woman who was attacked on April 3rd, 2021, in the morning while walking her two dogs.

Officers responding to 911 calls about the attack arrived to find Meng on the ground, bleeding from abdominal stab wounds. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she “succumbed to her injuries and [was] pronounced deceased.” According to the statement, more 911 calls started coming in from neighbors “reporting a transient woman walking through their yards and appearing suspicious.”

Police found Montoya, and later, detectives determined she “was the attacker and placed her under arrest. She was later booked for murder, weapons violation, and suspicion of being under the influence of an illegal substance.” She is in custody without bail.

What is shocking is that Montoya had previously been arrested by police in Riverside less than a week before Saturday’s fatal attack, after allegedly hitting a woman with a skateboard. Sadly, due to the amended bail schedule put in place for the COVID-19 pandemic, she was released with a citation for assault with a deadly weapon. This enabled her to leave and act out again.

Meng’s son had this to say:

“Why was it her? Was it because she is elderly and she can’t fight back? Was it that she was an easy target? Was it that she was Asian? I don’t really know why she was attacked… She came here to this country to give me my American Dream.”

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