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Early on the morning of March 29th, police officers were informed of reports of gunfire near the 2300 block of South Sawyer. Arriving at the scene, police discovered 13-year-old Adam Toledo and a man who were both present in the alley. Toledo then attempted to flee the scene, at which point one of the police officers decided to retaliate with violence-shooting the boy in the back.

Following the murder of Adam Toledo, it took two days for police to inform his family of his passing.  It took three days following  Adam Toledo’s death for his identity, as well as his age, to be revealed to the public.

As a defensive measure, leaders within the Chicago Police Department have declared a temporary “officer safety alert”. This warning was made to pre-emptively inform officers of the rising public tensions that they may potentially face. Specifically, threats from factions of the Latin Kings, within the Ogden patrol district located on the Southwest Side who “were instructed by ranking members to shoot at unmarked Chicago police vehicles”.

The alert is active for the majority of Little Village, from 23rd to 28th Street and Lawndale Avenue to Whipple Street.

Authorities have delayed the release of the body cam footage capturing the final moments of Adam Toledo. The police allege that they intended to provide the video to the public “as soon as possible” but neglected to name an exact date.

Allegedly, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability initially inhibited the release of Toledo’s shooting due to his status as a minor. However, further review of the situation made it apparent that the information the video contained could no be withheld.

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