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A jury convicted an English cage fighter with the murder of his ex-partner, after blackmailing her about her unlawful relationship with a minor.

On November 15, Paul Robson inflicted fatal injuries on Caroline Kayll, a teacher, during an attack on her at her Northumberland home. Robson also attacked the 15-year-old boy that Kayll, 47, was dating; the teenager suffered multiple injuries.

The former couple met in 2005 whilst Robson was an inmate in a prison where Kayll worked as an education officer. After Robson’s release, Kayll divorced her husband and the defendant moved into the victim’s home. Robson split up with the victim weeks before the murder, after discovering her unlawful relationship with a minor. According to BBC News, Robson threatened to expose the relationship; Kayll consequently paid him £29,000 over 10 days in November for his silence.

During the attack, the defendant kicked his ex-partner in the head, slashed her with a blade, and cut off her hair. He sprayed both victims with ammonia, whilst attacking the teenage boy with a knife. After the attack, Robson fled to Glasgow while the police tried to trace him. Emergency services placed Kayll on life support, but she died days later. According to the Evening Standard, the victim could not survive the terrible brain injuries her former partner inflicted.

According to Robson, Kayll’s new lover allegedly attacked the ex-convict first, making him responsible for her death. However, CCTV shows the ex-convict prowling outside Kayll’s house.

During the trial, Newcastle Crown Court revealed Robson’s ‘cruel and calculating’ 92 past offences. According to the prosecution, ‘There is no doubt he wanted to kill or permanently disfigure both of his victims’. The jury sentenced Robson to 35 years in prison, recognising the ‘gratuitous violence’ inflicted on the victim as she lay dying. The jury also charged Robson, 50, with the attempted murder of his ex’s teenage lover.

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