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Adelaide, Australia- Courts were told the story of how a Grindr date went horribly wrong. Charlie Michael Edward Caire, the 21-year-old suspect in question, set up a fake Grindr account to lure in his elderly victim.


Caire enticed his victim back to his brother’s house in the hours of 2:45 am in February of last year after meeting behind a supermarket in rural South Australia. Upon arrival to the house the elderly man was blindfolded, bound and tortured.


He was probed with a taser and electric drill, had a flame of a lighter held to his head, and had his fingers placed between blades of the secateurs. In addition, the elderly victim had his arms sliced with a knife and a syringe injected into his right arm that Caire claimed contained the AIDS virus.


While the cruel torture was taking place, Caire’s brother Brett, 36, demanded the victim relinquish his passcodes so that they could breach his bank account.


Prosecutor on the case Ben Sturm stated to the Adelaide District Court this past week:


“He [the victim] was told his body would be dumped where it would never be found. The victim himself experienced the most sustained and intense period of physical pain he has ever endured, without doubt.”


Miraculously, the victim eventually made his escape after having sustained superficial injuries. He told his captors that his bank cards were at home and convinced them to drive him back. The following morning local police arrested the two brothers around 8:00 AM.


Caire’s lawyer Joel Horskins, made an argument with the court that his client was in a “drug induced frenzy” at the time. Adding that Caire had spent at least upwards of $10,000 AUD on methamphetamines in three months prior to the incident. Allegations of abuse against Caire on his best friend’s brother were also presented.


Caire has since pleaded guilty to the piling offences, which include false imprisonment, aggravated blackmail, and aggravated assault. Sentencing will be delivered next month.


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