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A jury sentenced the kidnappers of a Leeds student with extended prison sentences totalling 50 years.

Zakariya Osman and Harris Saqib pleaded guilty to the kidnap and robbery of the student. The judge sentenced Osman to 30 years in prison and Saqib to 20 years. According to the victim, Osman was the “craziest of them all” and responsible for a majority of the violence.

The attack occurred on October 17 2019 after the victim left Mission nightclub in Leeds at 03:00. The defendants lured the unnamed victim into their vehicle, where they forced him to hand over his bank card and details. The victim sustained serious injuries after being punched repeatedly when he failed to withdraw money from an ATM.

The kidnappers kept the victim in their car for 22 hours. According to the Evening Post, the attackers stubbed cigarettes out on the victim’s face and body. The 21-year-old forcibly consumed force-fed vodka and tablets. Osman and Saqib ordered the man to ring his bank and transfer them £10,000. The bank transferred a total of £4,810 into the attackers’ accounts.

After the attack, the men threatened the victim not to report the kidnap as they knew where he lived. According to the victim, the kidnappers threatened him with murder unless he complied to their demands.

However, following the attack the student left university and Leeds due to the amount of trauma he suffered.

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