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Authorities charged a mother, daughter and daughter’s boyfriend with murder for hire plot in Indiana.

Heidi Littlefield, 41, faces charges in the death of Francis Kelley, 46. The daughter, 22-year-old Logan Runyon and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Robert Walker, face similar charges. Kelley’s friend found his body at home in Carmel, Indiana Jan. 18. She told officers she hadn’t heard from him and went to check in.

According to the autopsy report, Kelley died from strangulation. However, a toxicology report noted that he had a significant amount of fentanyl in his body. Fentanyl is an opiate, and consuming excessive amounts can lead to death.

According to KTIV, a text exchange between Kelley and Littlefield revealed that Kelley tasted something strange in his oatmeal:

“You were in my fridge last night and it tastes funny after a couple bites and now I’m lightheaded.”

Officials said that Littlefield tried to lace Kelley’s food on another occasion. Allegedly, she laced his soup with fentanyl as well. Court records reported recorded conversations of Littlefield, who said she wanted Kelley dead. She additionally stated that she planned to overdose him with the drug.

Investigators said that Littlefield and Runyon paid Walker $2,500 to find someone to kill Kelley. However, Walker said he used the money to buy drugs. According to Local 12, Walker said he had no intention of following Littlefield’s orders.

Police apprehended Walker and Runyon in Ohio, and during interrogation, Walker told them that Littlefield drugged Kelley and left. He then said that Littlefield returned to find him on the floor, struggling to breathe. Then, she allegedly strangled Kelley with his tie and hit his head on the floor.

Littlefield appeared in court Saturday. There is no date set for Runyon and Walker.

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