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In a life or death situation, some people freeze or some people fight. These are three inspiring stories of people who stared death in the face and lived to tell the tale.

Bre Lasley

On September 23rd 2015, Robert Berger, 48, climbed through Lasley’s bedroom window in Salt Lake City and brutally attacked Bre Lasley. Lasley froze when her attacker began beating her. When her sister appeared, screaming and punching Berger, Lasley started fighting back. Berger weighed over 200 pounds and was 6-foot-2-inches, he attacked whilst high on meth. Despite Berger’s obvious advantages over the girls, the Lasley sisters survived by fighting for their lives. A nearby off-duty police officer, Ben Hone, heard the sisters screaming and shot Berger, while his knife was at Lasley’s throat.

Denise Williams

Denise Williams, 19, was working the streets when approached by a possible customer in his car. When the man turned onto a dead-end road, Williams knew something was wrong. The man stabbed Williams 15 times with a screwdriver whilst she was trapped in the car. Williams saw a glass bottle in the foot-well, managed to pick it up and hit her attacker across the face; she fled the car and escaped.

Little did Williams know, she survived a serial killer, with her attack leading to his conviction. The man rung the St. Paul Fire Department, leading to the recognition of his voice as the ‘Weepy-Voiced Killer’. Police convicted the man, Paul Michael Stephani, for three previous murders as well as the attempted murder of Williams.

Teresa Thornhill

In 1998, serial killer Robert Black attempted to kill Thornhill, 15. Black parked on a street near her house, feigning engine trouble; when Thornhill approach, he grabbed her and tried to pull her in his van. Thornhill fought off her attacker, bit his arm, and ran. Police later convicted Black for four murders.

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