teen wanted attempted murder

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A teen is wanted for attempted murder after he tried to run over two women with his car on Saturday afternoon in Northfield, Vermont.

Aleksander Cherkasov, 18, was on Turkey Hill Road in Northfield around 3:45 pm when he got into an argument with two women. Police say that he struck one of them and then tried to hit her with his vehicle. The two female acquaintances got into their own car and began to drive away, but Cherkasov went after them and attempted to run them off the road.

The teen managed to ram the women’s car and sent it careening over an embankment, but not before the women safely escaped the vehicle. Cherkasov fled the scene and abandoned his car. A warrant is now out for the teen’s arrest and he is being charged with two counts of attempted murder in the second-degree.

“At this time, it’s believed that he’s not in the local area, at least not in his residence,” Officer Brian Gosselin of the Northfield Police Department said while on the phone with local news station WCAX. “We really don’t have much more information on that. We do encourage anyone who might have information on his whereabouts to contact the Northfield Police Department.”

Police did not reveal the connection between Cherkasov and the two women. However, it is suspected that the women will likely charge the teenager with domestic violence. Authorities are currently searching for him and believe that he is still hiding out in Washington County.

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