Man Opens Fire at Colorado Grocery Store


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Officers responded to a 911 call in Boulder, Colorado after a man started shooting inside a local grocery store Monday.

According to ABC, multiple people were injured inside King Soopers grocery store. When authorities arrived, the shooter opened fire on them with a long gun. Soon after, the state SWAT team arrived to help. However, the store remained an active crime scene for hours to come.

City police officers tweeted the incident around 2:49 p.m., warning residents to “AVOID THE AREA.” According to CNN, authorities apprehended a man with blood running along his arm and right leg. He was seen handcuffed and put inside an ambulance. It is unclear if the man was involved.

Around 4:20 p.m., the police sent out another tweet warning citizens to avoid the area.

“This is still a very active scene. Do NOT broadcast on social media any tactical information you might see #BoulderShooting. We will continue to tweet updates as we have them. If you live nearby please stay inside for now.”

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