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Two young women have been tragically killed in Lakewood, CA, after being struck while crossing the street.  One of the victims was not only hit by the car but dragged over 330 feet. The accident occurred around 8:30 PM on March 12th and claimed the lives of two twenty-four-year-olds: Christine Yan and Isabelle Zhang.

The event transpired at the intersection of Bloomfield Road and Lemming Street, within walking distance of the girls’ home. Isabelle died of her injuries at the scene of the incident. And though Christine was transferred to a nearby hospital, she too passed away due to her injuries.

The parents of the victims are flying from China to the United States to manage the funeral proceedings.

Witnesses at the scene claimed that three individuals were in the car that struck the two women. Two adults and one child. The driver of the vehicle of the driver was female.

It is unclear why the accident occurred, and furthermore why the driver was so slow to stop the car. An aunt of Christine Yan shared with the public that she does not believe that the incident involving her niece was a mere accident. Instead, she sees the possibility that it was a targeted hate crime directed at two young Asian women.

Given the number of anti-Asian hate-crimes that have recently occurred, such a conjecture cannot yet be ruled out.  However, no conclusive results have been reached at this time. This investigation is ongoing, with details of the case are still under review.

By hanna

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