Who Killed Marquis Jaylen Brown?


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Since October 2018, Dannielle Brown has endeavored to answer this singular question-who killed her son?

According to investigators, what transpired was that Marquis Brown broke a window and jumped out of it. A police drug test indicated that Brown had marijuana in his system. But Brown’s mother is not satisfied with this conclusion.

“To come back and say it was weed in his system, but not to explain how weed in his system could connect the dots to my son going out of a 16-floor window…His investigation pretty much told me nothing,” said Dannielle Brown.

Her son was a young man, a student, a football player with his whole life ahead of him. He had never even hinted at struggling within his mental health, for him to make such a dramatic decision was completely out of character, especially given his optimism for his future.

“He went to go play Playstation. That doesn’t sound like somebody who wants to jump out of the window. Having football practice, getting your hair cut for the weekend, going to your friend’s apartment to play Playstation,” said Dannielle Brown.

Police determined that Brown was off-campus visiting a friend on the evening of October 4th. Later that night he returned to his dorm, at which point his behavior was interpreted by bystanders as being rather erratic. The authorities were then called to the scene to deal with the situation.

Campus Security and Duquesne University police discovered Brown’s roomate doing his best to calm the agitated Brown. This effort was ended when, Pittsburgh police claim that Brown picked up the chair, broke the window, and lept out of it.

Witnesses to the scene include two Dusguene University police officers, a security guard, and a student resident. At no point was any physical confrontation initiated between Marquis Brown and the police. The cause of Brown’s death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the trunk and pelvis, but the medical examiner declared the manner of death to be undetermined.

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