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Image: Daisha Smalls and her son Legend Smalls on the right.


Earlier this month, a 1-year-old baby boy Legend Smalls, was shot in the head by Houston Police, He currently remains in a pediatric intensive care unit battling for his life.


Mother of the child, Daisha Smalls is planning on a lawsuit over the incident, who says her son is struggling to breathe on his own since the shooting. The incident took place when a shoot was fired by an officer who was in pursuit of a robbery suspect. Daisha’s legal team is building a case against the officer, who they claim acted unreasonable firing his weapon while civilians were in the crosshairs.

“My baby didn’t deserve to be shot, especially not by the police.” Daisha said in a press conference.


On March 3rd, Daisha had returned to her vehicle from pumping gas, when an armed man entered her car and demanded she get out of her car. The male was later identified as Broderick Woods, who was attempting to steal her car after he crashed his own vehicle in a police pursuit.


Daisha refused to give up her car, letting Woods know that her son was in the vehicle and she would not leave without him. Shortly after police officers at the scene surrounded the vehicle and ordered Woods to drop his weapon. When Woods declined to comply, that is when Officer (only known as) “E Garza” fired his gun more than once. One round hitting baby Legend Smalls in the process. Woods later succumbed to his injuries and died.


Since the shooting, doctors had reportedly removed a part of Legend’s skull due to brain swelling. Additionally, the infant had suffered more than 10 recorded seizures. Bullet fragments still remain within Legend despite removal.


Investigations are still pending. The exact number of shots fired during the incident is still up for debate. The only fact the Houston Police is confirming is that only one officer had deployed his gun.

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