Florida Man Friday: Man Steals Alcohol for Sober Friend


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This Florida Man Friday features a Florida Man who was arrested after he broke into Rocco’s Tacos (located in Florida) to steal alcohol for his friends recovering from alcohol addiction. And I thought I was bad at giving gifts.

Police say they found the man covered in blood after an employee called 911 when they found him in the basement. Here’s the play-by-play:

The employee was on the phone with dispatch stating a white male entered the basement and ran away when (the employee) entered. The employee chased the suspect to another building on the same street where officers made contact with all parties. The employee stated the suspect had a box in his hand and ran out of the basement, dropped the box, and continued running until he got to the next building.

The suspect was not wearing a shirt and covered in blood. The suspect gave a false name to the police and was later identified correctly as Mark Laporta. The man stated he gave the false name because he was scared and that he uses the specific fake name when he talks to officers. Laporta stated he entered the building because he had to do work that was approved by his boss. He stated he was bloody because he cut his hands with his knife while he was at work and claimed he was given the keys to the building by his boss.

Laporta then changed his story and told the police he went into the basement to get alcohol for his friends at the sober house he is living at.

Surveillance video showed Laporta rummaging through boxes, then using a broom to open the liquor area. Get ready for the list of alcohol he took.

He allegedly took one case of Red Bull, two bottles of Patron Repasado, one bottle of Roco Patorl, one Malibu, a house champagne, two bottles of Montolobo, one bottle of Dulce Vida, a Shaquira Repasado, and more Red Bull. Yeah, I think that’ll do it.

Laporta stole $1,729 but was released without a bond. A court date is pending.

Next time maybe try a gift card?

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