Serial Stowaway Arrested for the 22nd Time


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Marilyn Hartman has made a name for herself as the “Serial Stowaway”. The 69-year-old is known as one of the most prolific stowaways alive today. Over the last three years, she has allegedly fooled TSA as many as thirty times.

Previously, Hartman’s escapades have found varying levels of success. At one point she managed to make it all the way to London before she was deported by British immigration authorities for not having a passport.

Earlier this week, Hartman found her plot foiled yet again when she was discovered while trying to stowaway on a flight leaving Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Over the years, Hartman has consistently attributed her endeavors to being the symptoms of her struggle with mental illness. She has diagnosed her issues a number of times, attributing her addiction to the habit of being a stowaway to: “whistleblower trauma syndrome”, “bipolar disorder”, and “depression”.

Gartman’s penchant for self-smuggling originated in 2002. With her first successful attempt taking her to Copenhagen, the second being to Paris.

Hartman was finally apprehended at Los Angeles International Airport in 2014 and charged with trespassing.

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