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Mireille Ndjomouo, 44, posted an online video calling for help from within a Montreal-area hospital. The March 7th video which went viral on Facebook, is a harrowing 6 ½ minute video pleading for someone to get her out of the care of Charles-Le Monye Hospital in Montreal.


Ndjomouo had her eyes almost swollen shut, her mouth paralyzed, and her face swollen. Common, tell-tell signs of an allergic, deadly and anaphylaxis reaction. She is heard through the video pleading for her life as she did not want to leave her children behind.

“I can’t breathe anymore. I have spots all over me, from my head to my toes. My mouth is paralyzed. My lips are paralyzed. My face is swollen…Please, save my life. I have children. I don’t want to die and leave my children. I’m begging you. I’m begging you. I’m begging you.”


The cause of the adverse allergic reaction was due in part to a penicillin allergy. A drug allergy that Ndjumouo had warned the hospital she had. She insisted within the video that the hospital administered the drug to her anyway, eventually resulting in her death.


The video had prompted numbers of people to go to the hospital in hopes of assisting Ndjumouo. According to Le Journal de Montreal, she was eventually transferred to Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital where she died. The hospital declined to comment on the case, citing “confidentiality”.


Not surprisingly, Ndjomouo’s death echoed a similar incident of another woman who experienced a flurry of racial slurs and insults before she dies [the story can be read here]. The victim of that video Joyce Echaquan, 37-years-old, claimed she was being overmedicated in her video which has now been made private.


Currently the Quebec coroner’s office had opened an investigation surrounding the exact cause of Ndjomou’s death.


Christine, Ndjomou’s sister had disclosed to reporters that her sister was a single mother who is leaving three children behind, including one 14-year-old. Further stating that her sister had every right to life and to have access to health care. Describing her sister as a strong woman who loved her children.

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