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Eight people are dead after a 21-year-old man went on a killing spree in Atlanta, Georgia. The man targeted three separate massage parlors in his attack.

The killings began around 5 pm at Young’s Asian Massage Parlor. Two individuals died at the scene. Three others were transported to the hospital where another two victims also died.

Nearly an hour later the killer struck again at another parlor known as Gold Spa. By the time police arrived, three women were dead and the shooter had continued on his killing spree.

Across the street from Gold Spa, the killer took yet another life at Aromatherapy spa, where a woman was found shot dead.

These killings highlight the surge in anti-Asian American hate crimes that are on the rise.

Police were able to use surveillance footage to identify a suspect, Robert Aaron Long. The alleged killer is now in custody and authorities are working to confirm that all three attacks were in fact committed by the same individual.

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