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Matthew Sullivan, a former navy sailor who killed his wife, had his sentencing hearing on March 12, 2021. He was arrested in 2016. Other than the drastic wait time to condemn this criminal, there are more information and judgements that may make your stomach turn.

The crime Sullivan committed was a heinous act. He stabbed his wife in 2014 and transferred her body to a freezer which he kept in the house where it remained for two years. While this crime was being carried out, the couple’s two daughters were in another room in the same house. Sullivan told whoever questioned the wife’s whereabouts that she abandoned the family. In October 2016, her decomposing body was found floating in the bay about a half-mile from the home.

The alleged motive for the crime came from the prosecutor of the trial stating that Sullivan may have stabbed his wife five times after learning she was having an affair, then hid her body until he had to remove it because he was moving to the East Coast.

Sullivan maintained that he was innocent during numerous trials. Due to Sulivan having no criminal record and serving in the Navy for 8 years, most people were inclined to believe him. Sullivan’s attorney argued during the trial that Mrs Sullivan abused drugs and slept in a park, inferring that it was her own “recklessness” that got her killed, also known as victim-blaming.

Thankfully, last year, a San Diego Superior Court jury found him guilty of second-degree murder after deliberating for about a day and a half. During the recent trial last week, the Superior Court Judge Albert Harutunian III sentenced Sullivan to 16 years to life in prison. The Superior Court Judge had this to say:

“The jury verdict and the evidence at trial made it clear that Matthew Sullivan brutally murdered his wife, methodically cleaned up the messy murder site, and then hid the body for years. He almost got away with it, but his final attempt to hide the body at the bottom of the bay failed.”

The prosecutors of the trial state how Sullivan clearly shows no remorse and that he thinks he could have gotten a different verdict if there were more defence witnesses.

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