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Nine individuals were injured on Monday when a man drove directly into a homeless encampment in San Diego. The incident occurred when the perpetrator’s vehicle jumped onto the sidewalk, hitting nine people in downtown San Diego. Three victims died at the scene from their injuries.

One individual, Ronnie Williams, described being transported twenty feet on the hood of the car.

“I was riding on the front of the car. I’m looking back like, are you ever gonna stop? He didn’t stop, ’til he pulled off the sidewalk.”

A witness to the incident, Esteban Hernandez, was asleep in his tent when it began. Upon hearing the screeching of tires and people’s cries for help, he rushed outside. He quickly became aware that at least one person was injured and that one person had died. Shocked and unsure of what to do, he immediately moved to support his community.

“I just tried to comfort them, let them know it was going to be all right.”

71-year-old Craig Voss was arrested for the tragedy on three counts of manslaughter, one count of felony driving under the influence, and five counts of causing great bodily harm.

Whether or not he has entered into a plea deal is not known at this time.

By hanna

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