Security Guard Killed in Murder-Suicide at Las Vegas Hotel


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An employee at the Wynn Hotel fatally shot a security guard before turning the gun on himself on March 12.

Yoseph Almonte, 31, is being remembered as a hero for placing himself between two unarmed employees and Reggie Tagget, 42, who was opening fire in an employee parking garage.

Before the incident, Almonte and his wife discussed him wearing a bulletproof vest while on the job.

“I told him, ‘what about a bulletproof vest,’ he said, ‘we have been asking for three years; everybody is scared,’ but the Wynn had neglected them because they say it did not look good for guests,” said Almonte’s wife, Marjorie Almonte. “It was going to be intimidating for the guests.”

Wynn Las Vegas has now announced that they will be providing their armed officers with ballistic body armor. 

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