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A Japanese language teacher was violently attacked in a possible hate crime while visiting Seattle Chinatown on February 25.  Noriko Nasu and her boyfriend Michael Poffenbarger were approached by a man wielding a makeshift weapon. The unprovoked assailant began beating the couple with a rock wrapped in a sock.

The assailant hit Nasu directly in the face with the homemade nunchuck, knocking her unconscious. The attacker also struck Poffenbarger, injuring him severely enough to require eight stitches.

Thanks to CCTV footage capturing the scene the perpetrator of the crime has been identified.  Jeremy Holdip, 42, committed the act of violence and will be prosecuted for leaving Nasu with “three fractures in her nose… Her cheek and her mouth are super bruised. She’s got two black eyes and several teeth in the bottom are broken”, according to Poffenbarger.

Nasu believes that she was targeted due to her nationality. This attack is one of many that the Asian American community has experienced due to racism which the public attributes to negativity regarding COVID-19.

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