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Authorities charged a man in DeLand, Florida, with murder after he admitted to stabbing his grandfather Saturday night.

Kolby Parker, 30, said that he and Ronal Wells, Sr., smoked marijuana at their shared home on Lake Mack Drive. At some point, Wells, 77, allegedly attacked Parker with a knife. Parker claims he then disarmed Wells and stabbed him multiple times.

When the police arrived, they found Wells on the front porch. During an interview with Parker, the deputies were shocked when he pulled two human ears from his pocket. According to Orlando Sentinel, they later found the ears belonged to Wells.

Suddenly, Parker attacked the deputies. He attempted to grab a taser and gun, and in the process harmed three other officers.

Parker confessed to hitting Wells multiple times on the head with a baseball bat, according to CBS 12. He additionally confessed to stabbing his grandfather multiple times with a butcher knife, because he wanted him to be with his grandmother, who is deceased.

“It was his time to go,” Parker said, according to the arrest report.

Parker faces second-degree murder charges, along with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. There is no bond for his release.

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