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In an unanimous move, Russia’s media watchdogs have set in motion regulations to crackdown on limiting social network platforms. More specifically, popular social media app, Twitter, which will be slowed down by up to 50 percent as of this past Wednesday.


CBS News obtained a statement from state communications watchdog, Roskomnadzor, who said this latest action was placed to “protect Russian citizens from content encouraging minors to commit suicide, containing child pornography, as well as information about drug use.”


Furthermore, there are clams that Twitter has failed to remove over 3,000 materials worth of banned content according to Roskomnadzor. He went onto say that if Twitter does not comply with the country’s concerns, they will move to block the app.


Artem Kozlyuck, the co-founder of the Roscomsvobada digital rights group, told CBS News a different story. He claims that the latest actions against Twitter are a cover-up to limit access to political content.


In the past Russia has previously blocked the LinkedIn social network and only available in the county via VPN access.

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