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If you’re anything like most true crime fans, once you read one astonishing detail about a serial killer, there is an urge to learn more. I cannot recall the number of times I have stayed up and researched countless serial killers just wanting to know every detail of their crimes. That’s when I stumbled upon Killer.Cloud, the Serial Killer Database.

Killer.Cloud is an ongoing research project which aims to sort and classify serial killers based on documented references from books written about serial killers as well as other online resources listed at the bottom of each killer’s profile page.

The database currently contains 651 serial killers that are classified into serial killer types. Serial killer types are based on acts committed during a killer’s serial spree. Killers can belong to more than one serial killer type. Of course, these topics are going to be gruesome. The types contain torture, sexual assault rapestalkingstrangulation, consumption of human flesh or organs cannibalism, consumption of human blood vampirism, and/or sexual assault after death necrophilia.

Killer.Cloud’s home page lists recent serial killers, most confirmed victims, longest years active, and much more by a number system. For example, the most recent serial killer listed at #1 is Apichai Ongwisit, the Metal Casket Killer. On a serial killer’s page, there are many boxes that list things such as their cognitive ability, characteristics, childhood information, and much more. There is also a timeline of events and other serial killers that were active at the same time. Additionally, there are books suggested that reference the specific serial killer and a quick true or false section that answers questions such as if that serial killer used weapons.

There are many mechanisms to this website: You can search serial killers by date, country, IQ, zodiac sign, gender, etc. There are serial killer statistics that are actually quite interesting (i.e. most serial killers in that database are Capricorns). A recommended book section. Recently updated cases shown by closest date. Man, this could keep us busy for hours!

I highly suggest reading about that one serial killer stuck in your head while browsing this site. You may find something you didn’t know!

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