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Tennessee authorities have issued an Amber Alert for Daphne Westbrook, 17, and an indictment for her father, John Oliver Westbrook, 42.

The 17-year-old, who’s described by her mother as “fun” and “inquisitive,” went missing from Chattanooga in October of 2019 after a weekend visit with her non-custodial father.

Investigators believe that Daphne is being held against her will and constantly being given drugs and alcohol, keeping her in an altered state.

“In recent weeks, evidence uncovered during the investigation into John Westbrook has led authorities to become increasingly concerned for Daphne’s well-being,” said the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) in a Twitter post.

Daphne is 5’3 with brown hair and brown eyes. John is 6’4 with brown hair and blue eyes.

According to the TBI, John may have traveled with Daphne to the western U.S. and has contacts in Colorado, New Mexico, California, and Washington. “They could, however, be anywhere,” said the agency.

Police believe John kidnapped his daughter because a custody agreement ruled he could only have Daphne every other weekend, as well as to avoid paying child support.

“John Oliver Westbrook is an IT expert specializing in security, block chain technology, and bit coin,” stated the Hamilton County, Tennessee District Attorney’s Office. “He is communicating in a way that’s almost impossible to trace, which makes it extremely difficult for investigators to generate significant leads in this case. We know he is earning money contracting with small businesses to do computer security work.”

The TBI said it only decided to issue the AMBER Alert now “because a warrant has been issued for a qualifying crime in Tennessee, and in hopes that – should evidence place her and John in another state – that state will be able to issue an AMBER Alert faster.”

Anyone with information about Daphne or her father’s whereabouts is asked to contact the following:

Hamilton County, TN DA’s Office


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