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Derek Chauvin, one of four police officers charged with the death of George Floyd, may face an additional third degree murder charge. As a result, Judge Peter Cahill postponed the trial Monday.

The delay is a result of Chauvin’s defense attorney attempting to finalize an appeal for the additional murder charge. Chauvin currently faces second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter charges. With this additional charge, Cahill deferred the jury-selection process, according to NPR.  With threats from prosecutors to file their own appeals, Cahill then sent the possible jurors home.

Cahill previously dismissed the murder charge in October. On Friday, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ordered Cahill to reconsider adding the third degree charge. The reasoning comes from the decision of the court of appeals to charge another former officer with third degree murder. That officer, Mohamed Noor, shot and killed a woman in 2017. Noor’s circumstances are consistent with Chauvin’s, and as a result the court of appeals demanded that Cahill reconsider.

If Cahill reconsiders the additional charge, Chauvin will face an additional 25 years in prison.

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