police arrested arranged murder

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Dallas police officer Bryan Riser was arrested Thursday and charged with arranging the kidnappings and murders of two unrelated victims back in 2017.

Riser, who has been on the Dallas police force since 2008, is now facing two counts of capital murder for his role in the deaths of Albert Douglas and Lisa Saenz. Dallas Police Chief Eddie García announced in a press conference on Thursday that Saenz’s body had been found in a river after she was shot to death, but Douglas’ body was never found.

García also noted that Riser had “a relationship” with one of the victims, but he did not indicate what that relationship might have been. In regards to the motive for the separate killings, García and his team are still unclear on why Riser helped to arrange the murders.

According to an arrest affidavit, Riser referred to Saenz as an “informant,” which may correspond to the “relationship” that García was referring to. Three men, Kevin Kidd, 28, Emmanuel Kilpatrick, 31, and Jermon Simmons, 35, were also arrested and charged with capital murder.

In August 2019, a man came forward and told police that he had kidnapped and killed 31-year-old Saenz and 61-year-old Douglas at Riser’s direction. Although he revealed that Riser had offered to pay him a total of $9,500 for the kidnappings and murders of the two victims, there was not enough evidence to arrest Riser and he was subsequently allowed to patrol the community whilst actively under investigation for murder.

One of the other men that had been arrested allegedly told police that he and Riser were involved in burglaries when they were young. He also indicated that they had recently hatched a plan to rob drug stash houses, but did not end up following through with it.

In accordance with the terms of the department’s collective bargaining agreement, Riser currently remains on the force pending an internal affairs investigation. However, García did not explain why it took nearly 20 months for Riser to be arrested after the witness came forward.

“We’re conducting an administrative investigation as quickly as possible, moving toward termination,” García said. He then thanked the FBI for its help with the ongoing criminal investigation.

Riser is being held in the North Tower Detention Facility and his bail amount is set to $5 million.

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