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The Canadian Richmond Women’s Resource Centre experienced a “zoombomb,” where offensive language and porn appeared on screen Saturday.

A zoombomb refers to the act of hacking Zoom to create a disruption. The women’s center hosted the virtual event over Zoom to celebrate International Women’s Day. According to City News 1130, the intrusion happened during the organization’s largest fundraising event.

It began when someone scribbled on the Zoom screen. At first, members believed it to be a child, but soon noticed the offensive language. Soon after, attendees received private messages containing “sexist, racist, ageist, vulgar and pornographic comments, images, and sounds.”

It took the event organizers 10 minutes to lockdown the event, but the damage was already done. Attendees and organizers felt sick to their stomachs and were disappointed that someone would try to ruin such an important event. However, president Tammi Belfer noted that the intrusion shows the importance of the women’s center.

According to Global News, the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre took security precautions prior to the event, yet somehow hackers still got through. In a statement after the event, organizers promised to increase security to ensure this will not happen again.

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