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It was about a year ago during the beginning of the pandemic. A good friend of mine had sent me a post on Instagram. I didn’t know what to make of it. There was a series of texts against a multi-colored pastel background. Each slide becoming more brazen and bizarre as I swiped left to read it.


Pizzagate? (I want to note this one is especially disturbing if you choose to research the theory behind this one.)


Child trafficking for a special blood compound? 


Hilary Clinton being one of many figureheads in an elaborate pedophile ring?


Donald Trump is going to be the hero/beacon of light to fight against said pedophile ring?


Lizard people?


Wait, what?!


It creeped me out. Those were some serious allegations. Not that I personally don’t believe there is corruption with the upper class or the government. There is for sure a level of power and war mongering occurring. What I found more disturbing, was how quickly my friend took to these words and allegations. And how many more others like her were being convinced of this movement, one Tweet or post at a time.


The persuasion behind the Q-Anon movement is potent. There’s no denying that each of us had to feed that tinge of curiosity. A quick Google search, and article here and there. The enigma that is Q and the theories that follow it are a tangled web of conspiracies. Ranging from “pizza” to even beloved Disney films.


This documentary gives a brief history of how the movement came about and more importantly the details behind some of the most controversial statements Q-Anon has made. It was hard not to feel upset or angry during certain parts watching this. After witnessing the storm on The Capitol building, Q-Anon is synonymous with what occurred to me. But perhaps it is like most religions or beliefs out there. Beginning with good intentions, then distorting into the beast as we know it today. Using the faith of others to start wars.


If you want to check out the documentary for yourself it’s provided below.

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