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A video has gone viral of a neighborhood in San Pedro, CA. The video depicts a vacant property owned by Jerico Development LLC. Numerous tents and makeshift housing structures line the sidewalk. And the Barney theme song blasts at an unbearably loud volume all day and night.

Not only did Jerico Development LLC equip the property with violently loud speakers, but recently the building also added floodlights. Both of these developments have been made in the hopes that it would drive away the unhoused individuals seeking refuge nearby.

The homeless rights group Street Watch LA began circulating the original video that captured the public’s attention of the incident. Of what was occurring the group stated that “homelessness measures exist in the form of harassment, in this case hostile music”.

Jerico Development LLC has now ceased their audio assault saying “we deeply apologize for the lack of consideration we have shown to the uncontained community” and we allowed frustration to take the lead and took the wrong action on this complex issue, which is unforgivable.”

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