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Luke Dufrene saved an abandoned infant that had been left on the highway and reunited them with their mother last Thursday evening.

The 23-year-old Good Samaritan was been driving to work in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana when he saw the driver of a vehicle “dropping a baby off” in a carrier on the median of a highway. Dufrene was shocked by what he saw but acted quickly.

“I looked back and he took off leaving the child there, so I flipped a U-turn in the grass to get the baby,” he said. According to the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office, the man abandoned the child on the side of the highway after he got into an argument with the infant’s mother. The man, later identified as Dillon Terrebonne, escalated the disagreement into a physical assault after he pulled over the SUV and began beating and strangling the baby’s mother. Although the mother was able to get away, Terrebonne drove off in the car with the child still inside.

Terrebonne drove for about a mile before he stopped again, detached the baby’s car seat from the back seat and placed the infant on the side of the highway. He then continued to drive away, eventually reaching his hometown of Abbeville some 100 miles away before police arrested him.

“I pulled into the median and put my truck in front of the child because I knew how dangerous this highway was,” Dufrene said when officers asked him to recount the accident. “And when I was pulling up, two women were approaching. One was a witness and the other was the mother.”

After his arrest, 27-year-old Terrebonne was transferred to the Lafourche Parish jail where he is currently being held without bail. He was charged with domestic abuse battery involving child endangerment, strangulation, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, but authorities say that additional charges could be pending.

“I never been in them shoes before, but I just knew I had to act fast for that child,” Dufrene said in response to being called a hero. “And I can’t help but appreciate the kind words everyone is giving me, but I just feel like I did what any good human would do.”

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