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The Canadian court convicted the infamous “Incel” Killer of 10 counts of murder and 16 counts of attempted murder in an online hearing Wednesday.

Alek Minassian, 28, drove through a crowded Toronto sidewalk in 2018, killing 10 people and injuring 16 others. According to the Guardian, Minassian is a self-described “incel.” The incel, or involuntary celibate, community is an online forum of men who blame women for their “inability to get laid.” Prosecutors argued that Minassian, driven by his hatred for women and craving for infamy, killed as many people as possible to achieve his goal.

Minassian’s defense team attempted to use his Asperger’s Syndrome an excuse for his crimes. They argued that he did not understand the consequences of his actions, and therefore should not be held criminally accountable. Canadian supreme court justice Anne Molloy rejected this idea, however.

“He freely chose the option that was morally wrong, knowing what the consequences would be for himself and for everybody else. It does not matter that he does not have remorse nor empathize with the victims,” she said.

Additionally, Molloy rejected the incel notion. She argued that while his hatred for women motivated him to commit murder, the ultimate driving force was fame. With a direct confession from him, Molloy found that Minassian spent years planning the attack. Thus, she deemed both incel and autistic factors illegitimate in the case.

The Guardian states that both sides will return to court March 18 to discuss a sentencing timeline.

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