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A witness to the murder of Sherry Crandell was interviewed by the police, but no one released the video. That is, until award-winning journalist Paul Wagner entered the scene.

Crandell, then 50, was found murdered in her office on the fourth floor of Prince George’s Hospital Center in Maryland. According to officials, she was raped and strangled. In his recent podcast, “Murder in a Safe Place,” Wagner discussed facts from the 1998 case , including the interview of witness Edna Brown. The video, dated Jan. 13, 1998, features Brown explaining what she saw that night.

“I heard the lady screaming, twice,” Brown said, according to NBC Washington. “I saw the lady laying on the floor. The man’s hands were around her neck… I thought the man was helping her. Seems like he wasn’t helping her, he was hurting her.”

Wagner explained that the Prince George County police kept the interview confidential because they doubted the legitimacy of Brown’s account. Apparently, Brown had a mental disability and was unsure of what she actually saw. However, investigators believe she did see something: she described the attacker as a man wearing a white lab coat.

Although Brown has since passed away, investigators still have her information, including the leaked interview. So far, no arrests have been made.

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