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Justen Watkins, a 25-year-old Michigan native, who is an assumed former leader of a Neo-Nazi terrorist group; continues to walk free on bond after another court date was postponed. According to information obtained by VICE News, postings from Watkins’ private Instagram, show him in possession of several firearms and paramilitary gear. One of the retrieved images shows a rifle on the passenger side of a vehicle and an armored car parked at a gas station. The caption reading:

“Bout to play some [Grand Theft Auto]”

*Side note: Grand Theft Auto is a popular and controversial video game series. Usually depicting heavy violence, prostitutions, and drug use.


In another disturbing video post, Watkins writes the caption “Make America Violent Again” as a hateful song towards Jewish people hums in the background. In another post, he allegedly displays a man aiming a pistol and declaring they will murder Black people during Black History Month.


In initial court preceding’s, prosecutors describe Watkins as a danger to the community and said he had “expressed a desire to die for the cause […] and take as many people within him” as possible. He has since been free on bond since late 2020.


Watkins is part of a larger Neo-Nazi group called The Base. According to the Canadian government they have been recently designated as a terrorist organization. They are also considered one of the most violent American domestic terror groups in decades.

Read the full story here.


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