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The CDC announced last week that that travel from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the US would be limited.  These restrictions are in accordance with new agency guidelines. The precautions are an attempt to mitigate the recent outbreaks of Ebola that have manifested in the two countries.

Beginning this week, travelers to the US from Guinea and the DRC will be directed to six specific US airports.  The information of visitors to these countries in the past 21 days is to be shared with the CDC.  For these travelers, a public health follow-up and intervention will be performed.

Though Ebola’s mortality rate is high, its infection rate is rather low. Furthermore, due to the recent outbreak occurring in remote provinces of western and central Africa, it is unlikely to spread in the same destructive manner as Covid-19.

As of Thursday, nine Ebola cases have been reported, along with five deaths from the disease. Vaccination efforts are already underway in Guinea.

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