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After an arraignment on Wednesday, notorious New York City “Subway Attacker” Khari Covington is now facing a 52-count indictment against him for burglary, assault and strangulation as hate crimes.

Covington allegedly targeted “light-skinned women” during a string of attacks that occurred between August 2020 and January 4 in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg neighborhood. Most of the attacks happened in the Morgan Avenue subway station, but one took place near the station and another at a smoke shop.

According to one of Covington’s victims, Bianca Fortis, the 29-year-old man “came out of nowhere” and started punching her. “He hit my face, my chest, my shoulder,” she told NBC New York.

Another one of his victims, Elizabeth Wakefield, said that Covington “kicked [her] in the side of the face and head from behind” when she entered the Morgan Avenue station on November 12. She also revealed to NBC News that she had dialed 911 but the police did not respond to her call for help. Such was the case with Wakefield’s incident, Covington’s attacks appeared to escalate in ferocity as time passed. In fact, five were reported to the police in the 10 days before Covington was arrested on January 5.

Several of Covington’s victims expressed anger that the police failed to respond to their complaints and subsequently publicize the pattern of attacks earlier. Many of the women also felt that the police had been slow to classify the incidents as hate crime, which ultimately would have brought more investigative resources to the forefront of the case.

Fortis posted about what happened to her on social media and her efforts eventually led to Covington’s arrest. Covington had been released from jail on parole in April after serving time for punching and robbing a deliveryman back in 2013 and then robbing a woman in 2015. He had also been arrested in September on charges that he had hit one of his ex-girlfriends in the face, but a judge released him without bail via a new state law that eliminated cash bail for misdemeanor assaults.

After Covington was arrested, he admitted that he had targeted light-skinned women because he hated them for rejecting him. If he is convicted on his 52-count indictment, Covington faces up to 25 years to life in prison.

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