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The Cherokee Nation is appealing Jeep to cease using the tribe’s name in association with its vehicles. Jeep began utilizing the Cherokee name in its branding back in 1975. And in the years since production of the car began, the Cherokee Nation has approached the corporation numerous times in an effort to have the vehicle’s name be reconsidered.

From 2002 to 2013 the Jeep model bearing the tribe’s name was rebranded to “Liberty”. However, this change did not last. Since then Jeep willingly returned to their racially charged naming conventions.

In an interview with Insider, Chief Principal of the Cherokee Nation, Chuck Hoskin Jr. made the statement that “I think people need to understand that as proud as a corporation might be of a name they selected decades ago, people should think about how proud the Cherokee people are to still be a people after all we have been through, and that is far more valuable than whatever marketing research might show the cherokee name has been to Jeep and its parent companies over the decades,”

Hoskin remains hopeful that further dialogue between the corporation and the tribe to reach a mutually agreed-upon solution.

By hanna

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