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Officer Rodney Vicknair had an established history of misconduct over his years of his service; from harassment to stalking. The latest allegations against him are shaping out to be the most horrific yet.


Vicknair first had contact with his teenage victim as he escorted her to a children’s hospital for a rape kit. While in waiting, the Officer began showering her lewd “modeling” photos from his phone of another teenage female who he claimed to be his daughter. The female in the photos was clad in bikini and lingerie according to the suit filed by the victim’s mother.


It was also learned that Vicknair is not part of a special victim’s unit for child abuse. Typically, a dispatcher is supposed to employ trained detectives who specialize in child abuse or sex crimes. It is even noted that victims of child abuse are likely to bond with the first officer they interact with after an incident.


When the teenage girl was released from the hospital, Vicknair allegedly began the next four months gaining her trust, sexually harassing her, and eventually progressing to sexually abusing her. According to the lawsuit, there are two separate occasions he raped the victim. In both instances Vicknair used his fingers to penetrate the teenager inside his police vehicle.


After the police and an independent oversight agency had been alerted of Vicknair’s inappropriate conduct is when the second alleged rape occurred. The victim’s lawsuit adding that both times Vicknair was armed with his service weapon.


Shockingly, in the state of Louisiana, the crime of what Vicknair is accused of, penetrating the victim with his fingers, does not fall within the legal definition of rape. According to the state, it is limited to non-consensual sexual intercourse.


In a statement obtained by VICE news, Hope Phelps, an attorney with Most & Associates, and one of the active lawyers on the lawsuit against Vicknar:


“He preyed on a single mother and her young daughter, a rape survivor, by positioning himself as a role model and protective male figure in their lives. He then used that position to create distrust between them, isolating his target from her mother. He escalaed from sexualizing the young girl to sexual assault and rape.”


Immediately after meeting the rape victim in May of last year, Vicknair obsessively contacted the girl and her family almost every day from June until September. He even went as far as frequently inviting himself over to their residence and alluding himself as a “mentor”.


Meetings between the victim and Vicknair would turn disturbing. He would encourage the girl to be rough with him giving the girl his service baton and wanting to be hit with it. Vicknair, in turn would strike the girl in the arm with the same baton. On at least one occasion he allegedly twisted her arm, telling the victim he could easily break it. Morbidly joking how he could kill her loved ones.


These instances are just a fraction of the graphic 36-page lawsuit filed against Vicknair, New Orleans’ Police Superintendent, and the city itself.


When Vicknair was arrested in September of last year, he allegedly was still in possession of the victim’s underwear. Additionally, he was finally fired from the police department in January.


His acts, following numerous police officers before him who have been publicly accused of sexually assaulting young women and girls.

Watch Fox8 News’ coverage of the story here.


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