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Authorities arrested a man in Nebraska earlier this month. He is the prime suspect in a 40-year-old Colorado cold case.

David Dwayne Anderson, 62, appeared in court Wednesday morning to face two counts of first degree murder for the death of 35-year-old Sylvia Quayle. According to 9Wants to Know, he waived extradition to Colorado, and will remain in Nebraska for the trial.

Quayle’s family found her body on the morning of Aug. 4, 1981. She died of multiple stab and gunshot wounds in her home in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. She was also sexually assaulted, according to the autopsy report. What makes this case peculiar is that investigators believed they caught the culprit.

Ottis Elwood Toole and his accomplice Henry Lee Lucas, known drifters, confessed to numerous killings in 1983. Among them was the death of Quayle. They recanted details of the murder, and described the landscape of Quayle’s home. Authorities charged Toole with first degree murder, yet questioned some of Toole’s confessions and eventually dropped the charges in 1993. Additionally, his DNA did not match that obtained at the crime scene.

From 1976-1988, Anderson was arrested numerous times for burglary. In fact, two months after the death of Quayle, authorities arrested Anderson and he spent three years in jail. Now, the charges claim Anderson killed Quayle after some deliberation while committing another felony.


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