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A Brazilian e-sports gamer murdered a fellow female competitor at his Sao Paulo home.

Police found Sol Oliveira Bueno da Silva, 19, murdered in the home of fellow gamer Alves Costa on Feburary 23. Da Silva was a talented rising gamer who participated in multiple e-sports events nationwide. She formed ‘Support BG Project’, which aimed to create a positive and safe environment for female gamers in e-sports. According to the India Times, both players met online playing Call Of Duty: Mobile.

Costa allegedly fled the scene, but eventually turned himself in after a conversation with his brother. According to Daily Dot News, Costa states in an arrest video that he is “completely fit.” Furthermore, he committed the crime because he “wanted to.”

According to Gamers Elite, Costa sent the content into a group chat on Monday afternoon via WhatsApp. The group denied any involvement in the killing as well as any affiliation with Alves Costa. Gamers Elite said, “He also sent a PDF where he leaves messages of hatred against Christians and makes a nod to terrorism.”

Police confiscated evidence from Costa’s home, including a notebook and his cellphone. According to the authorities, the notebook detailed Costa’s plan for the murder of de Silva.

The incident highlights the gendered violence in Brazil, with four women murdered each day in 2019.

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