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A landslide off the coast of Genoa, Italy has led to the collapse of a cemetery this past Monday, causing hundreds of coffins plummeting into the sea below.


Constructed over 100 years ago, the Camogli Cemetery was located along an area of rocky seaside cliffs.  The mayor of Camogli, Francesco Olivari addressed the collapse as an “unimaginable catastrophe.”


Estimates predict that around 200 coffins had fallen into the sea, with 10 being recovered. The success of recovering the remaining “will depend on the sea in the coming days”, according to a statement obtained by CNN from Giacomo Giampedrone, regional assessor of civil protection.


Cracks in the rocky cliffs were noticed during maintenance being conducted this past Saturday, which halted further operations for the remainder of the day.


Olivari further stated, a collapse of that nature is difficult to predict noting the type of area would be vulnerable to collapsing. As of this past Tuesday, officials will continue the work and recovery of the coffins and corpses that have been lost to the sea.

Check out the video below for a closer look of the collapse.


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