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A Pennsylvania teenager has been arrested for the stabbing death of her older sister.

911 operators received a call shortly after 1am Monday morning from 14-year-old Claire Miller (picture above, left), confessing to killing her sister (pictured above, right).

When first responders arrived to Miller’s Manheim Township home, they found Miller, who was “hysterical,” outside trying to wash blood off her hands in the snow and repeating “I stabbed my sister.”

They entered the home, where they found Helen Miller, 19, in a bedroom with stab wounds to the neck. Paramedics attempted to revive her but were unsuccessful.

Miller was immediately arrested and charged with criminal homicide, said the Lancaster County District Attorney. Miller is being charged as an adult.

It is unclear what lead to the stabbing, but investigators say that it happened “during the overnight hours when the girls’ parents were asleep.”

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