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In lieu of the recent uprise and exposure of hate crimes against Asians. Newly surfaced footage of a Filipino man dying at the hands of police has gone viral.


Angelo Quinto, 30, was a Navy veteran from Antioch, California who struggled with mental-health issues. One night during December 23rd, 2020, family members of Quinto called the police fearing for their safety, due to the young man exhibiting some erratic behavior.


However, three days later, Quinto was pronounced dead at a local hospital, having never regained consciousness after the violent incident that followed with authorities.


According to Quinto’s mother and sister, an officer handcuffed Angelo, as another kneeled on his neck for a horrifying five minutes, eerily echoing what happened with George Floyd seven months prior. In a video recording obtained from his mother, Angelo pleaded with officers, “Please don’t kill me.” It then shows police inverting an unmoving Quinto into custody, blood smeared on his mouth and dripping onto the floor.


Please view at your own digression. The footage released by the Quinto’s attorney is very disturbing/graphic.


After the gruesome assault Quinto was taken to a hospital where he passed three days later. Months have since past with the Antioch Police Department providing little to no information on the death of Quinto. Even more baffling is the absence of an official cause of death.


Prior to his death, Quinto was said to have an ongoing history of depression, coupled with a recent head injury last year which resulted in the uncharacteristic behavior that occurred. His sister, Isabelle Collins, has stated that Quinto seemed anxious and edgy subsequently as a result of the head trauma.


Quinto’s family believe that Angelo had died wrongfully within police custody and are seeking to file for legal damages of up to $25,000.


The recent exposure of Quinto’s case and footage during the encounter with the police has once again raised concerns of the police’s ability to safely de-escalate a mental health situation. In the wake of his death along with George Floyd’s the call to action is louder than ever to reform the police. The question is how many more will meet the same fate before any changes are made?

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