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Toronto Tiny Shelters formed back in October 2020, with the goal of providing unhoused individuals with shelter. The organization makes and maintains small living pods that are both sturdy and insulated.  The structures give users safety and protection against the elements that they would otherwise be deprived of.

Khaleel Seivwright is the mastermind behind this initiative. Seivwright is a carpenter, as well as the founder of Toronto Tiny Shelters. With his skills as a craftsman, Seivwright has successfully designed and built numerous tiny shelters for people without homes across Toronto.

However, his efforts are hindered by a powerful force-the City of Toronto.

Toronto seeks to put a stop to Seivwright’s efforts. On February 12, the city filed an injunction application against him.

The city prohibits camping and living in city-owned parks, therefore the structures that Seivwright develops contradict the city’s bylaws

At this time, Seivwright’s building efforts are halted. Instead, he is focusing on maintaining or relocating the existing shelters.

A gofundme organized to offset building and material costs of the organization has already reached $200,000.

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