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A 40-year-old man allegedly pushed his 32-year-old pregnant wife to her death off a 1,000-feet cliff after posing for a selfie in order to claim insurance money.

Hakan Aysal, a Turkish native, threw his seven months pregnant wife, Semra Aysal, off the cliff whilst holidaying in Butterfly Valley in southeast Turkey in June 2018. After the incident, the accused stated that his wife fell off the cliff during an accident.

According to Naim Yolcu, Semra Aysal’s brother, the accused did not show any sadness over his wife’s death. Soon after, Aysal tried to claim accident insurance that he had taken out on his wife’s behalf – it named him as the only beneficiary. The insurance money came to a total of $57,000.

Despite the incident being nearly three years old, police opened an investigation into whether Aysal murdered his wife. The insurance company declined all payments to Aysal, after claims of premeditated murder.

According to Times Now News, the Aysals spent three hours sat on the clifftop taking photos; the husband eventually pushed her off when nobody was around. Aysal argues that he did not push his wife and he did not even see her fall.

Investigations into the death of Semra Aysal continue. Her husband remains in police custody awaiting his trial.

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